Since 1961, The success story of mining in Turkey ... Founded by Haydar Akçelik in 1961, Akçelik Madencilik is one of the leading companies in the mining sector that meets a significant proportion of coal and industrial raw material requirements in our country. As a subsidiary of AKÇELİK HOLDİNG, it has succeeded to become one of the leading sectors in the tourism, energy and real estate sectors in a short time with its experience and knowledge gained from the mining sector in 60 years. Akçelik Mining, which has been environmentally sensitive since its inception and has been working to protect the ecological balance and increase natural wealth, continues to stand by the institutions and organizations in need with its social responsibility projects. Mining Akcelik quality until today, without compromising the principles of service and trust are working with the idea to gain more resources for the 21st century Turkey.

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