Oskar, who began to operate in 2004, has made its name renown with precision mold, special automation machines and significant projects in many similar branches. Oskar Turnike sustains its activities with the same accuracy from the day it has been established, and now it is only manufacturing the turnstile systems. Our company produces quality and suitable solutions in line with the advancing technology and the customer demands. As we have made the concept of quality product and service an objective of our company since the establishment, our company had signed significant innovations and successes in turnstile systems branch. Oskar Turnike, by using the advancing technology in the best way it can, is producing the highest quality turnstile models which are the most suitable to the customer demands and can be operated for a long time as an outcome of in-depth R&D studies by 20 years experienced engineer and expert team in-house with 100% domestic capital. Oskar Turnike has acquired significant references after meeting its design with the customer in the domestic and foreign market, and it has also successfully spread its name around in a short time. Oskar Turnike is sustaining the concept of quality service in either with its custom made or standard R&D studies, and also as the labor, it executes its studies with speed in order to acquire the best financial results in its own industrial branch.

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Tripod Waist Turnstile VIP Turnstile Optical Turnstile Height Type Turnstile Butterfly Turnstile