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Our company was founded in 1991 by Mechanical Engineer Erkin Murat ÖZCAN, and in the first years it was mainly active in contracting. It has carried out the commitment and engineering services of the organizations that have a say in the region in the fields of boiler room equipment, air conditioning systems, submersible pumps and booster systems. Taking a step in the manufacturing sector in 1992, our company has started the booster tank membrane production is a first in Turkey. Subsequently, he manufactured liquid level relay, phase protection relay, sequencing relay for hydrophores. At the same time, it carried out the regional distribution activities of well-known brands in the pump industry. Liquid level float switch in 1998, free electrode in 2000, pressure switches in 2002 and microswitches in 2004, booster tanks in 2006 and braided booster hoses in 2010 were included in our production program. Our company, which has been operating in Esenyurt since 2010, works as seriously as ever in research and development in order to add innovations to its product range.

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