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ÖBM - Özbir Metal was established in 1988 in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul, and creates tangible differences in kitchen life with the production of stainless kitchenware accessories. As of 2009, ÖBM - Özbir Metal, which produces 250 pieces of separate accessories in a 3000m2 closed area with pot handles, tops, pan and cupboard handles, teapot and coffee pot handles, has adopted the principle of serving stainless kitchenware manufacturers with quality products and perfection. Our accessory material types are melamine, bakelite and stainless. We are entering into an annual increase of 20 separate accessory models. We apply this model and mold design in line with the demands of our customers. OBM - Özbir Metals, Turkey and design-oriented customers in the world market, functional, is continuing to make investments to provide quality products to our goal investment to expand our customer portfolio in Turkey and the world market with better quality and wider range of products. As ÖBM - Özbir Metal, we aim to deliver the highest quality products and latest models to our customers by using the latest technology in our products.

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