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MAY is a well known Turkish company with international investor (ENO Group) located in Istanbul, Turkey. For over 10 years with the aim of quality, after sales services and futuristic view of look to our business, we are producing high quality kitchen sinks and accessories. Basing of profound knowledge, experience and familiarity with following the latest trends. MAY is producing huge numbers of units annually with the latest technology knowledge and expert trained employees in a closed surface of 5.000 m 2, almost 95% of which are exported. ln conformity with it’s broader vision, MAY has always recognized the importance of continuous investment in new technology and innovation by always adding new machinery, moulds and improving it’s production methods. Doing our maximum to use our big network worldwide to build the trust and give a value to our brand name with faithful relations with all of our costumer as a partner of success. MAY products are conformed to CE certificate requirements, and the company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, ensuring high quality standards. In addition, the design, production and sales of stainless steel sinks have 150 9001 Quality Management System and ISo 1400] Environmental Management System certification. The company is also oHSaS 1800] Human Resources Management certified for its Safety and Health Management System. Thank you for being part of the MAY family.

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