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Producing cooktops and service equipment used in industrial kitchens since 1946 DİZDAR is a veteran and pioneer of the sector with its exports to 15 countries and over 100 distinguished dealers in the country. one company. Considering the changes and demands in the market, the product range that it started with fork, spoon and knife It increases day by day. Looking at today, cooking equipment, transportation equipment, preparation equipment, service equipment, bar and cleaning equipment groups you will find the product portfolio that can meet your needs as a set top and catering material. we offer to our customers. Our expert team in the business by following the changing needs of this product portfolio closely, Our most important goals are to increase your experience with DİZDAR reliability and to offer you. between. Our company, which keeps customer satisfaction at the first plan from the day it was founded, is you will continue to progress with our valuable business partners. Thank you for choosing DİZDAR branded products…

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Soup Cover Soup Food Transport Containers Oven with Tray Cover Tub Seal Caps Handcuffs colander Standard Tub Lids Reinforced Milk Strainers Cylindrical Cookware Lids Double Handle Steel Pans Shallow Cookware Cylindrical Pot Single Handle Pans Pot Pan Lids Non Stick Single Handle Pans Steel Pots Steel Strainers COOKING EQUIPMENT TRANSPORT EQUIPMENT PREPARATION EQUIPMENT SERVICE EQUIPMENT