The experience of our founder in the acrylic sheet production which can be dated back to 1968 with FARGLAS increased in 1991 thanks to POLİFEN. Our journey in that market, which has been ceased since 2004, started in 2016 with our brand new company AKRİFEN. The experience we garnered through FARGLAS united with the technological developments in POLİFEN which enabled us to produce at global standards and we started exporting acrylic sheets from our company. As AKRİFEN, our main objective is to be one of the prominent producers both in Turkey and abroad thanks to our modern production facility, experienced staff, the R&D unit which follows technological developments closely and objectively certified products. With our endless excitement and powerful experience coming from many years spent in the market, as AKRİFEN we are pleased to offer a high quality service to which we are accustomed to through ATDS, a part of our group.

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